Because Big Data Starts With Little Data

Startups and small businesses with incredible ideas for gadgets are getting stuck writing low-level device software, when they could be focused on their ideas. We are bringing experts together from every step in the development process to create a flexible build system that helps embedded systems engineers write safe, reliable, and extensible software.

A little bit about Conduit

Right now, we’re headquartered in the beautiful confines of the Polsky Exchange in Hyde Park, Chicago. Through their network, we completed the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps program focused on customer discovery. Now, given the positive response from the developers we spoke with, we’re super focused on building a tool we think will help people build connected devices. If you want to join the team and help us rethink development, drop us a line below.

come help us rethink development.

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There’s a good chance we’re running around somewhere in Chicago trying to rally support for our team, so it might be best to reach out ahead of time.

In any case, we’re always down for good conversation so come on in if you’re in the area.