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A serial monitor for

  • Connector.

    Simple configuration

    Capture data, log messages, and any other traffic instantly. No more digging through configuration menus.

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    Better filters

    Finding what you’re looking for has never been easier. Use the standard built-in filters, or create your own.

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    Developer focused

    Write parsers for incoming data, filters for messages, and output formatters using either Python or Javascript

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    Right tool for the right job

    Unless you’re doing VT100 emulation, you might consider upgrading your current serial monitor. Save your data in CSVs, JSON, or make your own formatter.

Grab a beta while it's hot!

Current release is for macOS.

Take the signal, leave the noise.

Use the default filters or add your own with the click of a button. If your needs are more advanced, head over to the docs and learn how to implement filters using our friendly Python and JavaScript API’s.

Bring your own board

Whether you’re throwing together a prototype on an Arduino, hacking away at the Linux kernel on as Raspberry Pi, or racing towards release on a production board — Baud will bring your toolkit to the next level.

 * Hello World!

void setup()
  // set baudrate to 9600 bps

  // print "Hello World!" with line break   
  Serial.println("Hello world!");

void loop()
  /* do nothing! */
#include "mbed.h"              
Serial pc(USBTX, USBRX); // tx, rx
int main() 
    pc.printf("Hello World!\n");

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